About Me

It’s interesting how people view you, which brings in the aspect of change happening to you, around you and the change that you make. Ever read books or watched movies concerned with wolfs, how the Alpha and the Luna kingdom mark their spouses and if any rejection and acceptance happens in between then you can locate another. Same thing, people grow and become better in life, either in writing or dancing, that is if they embrace change and want a challenge in their lives for making it better.

How many times have you met people with sweet capabilities but they are afraid of unfolding it to reach places they might never reach if they don’t explore? Well this when you come in, and Make the change. She is a breed of two humans, who believe in her and keeps on pushing her to discover the world for her. Enjoys the beauty of every living creature and non-living creature.

Interesting we live in a world where people don’t understand that looks beautiful and serves its purpose just where it is. A quote from Myles Munroe ” if you have a seed in your hand, kernel of corn or a pea, you will never get the seed’s complete fulfillment until you know that there is a plant inside that seed, which could breed a fruit, which that fruit has several other seeds, which can be used to have other many plants” Meaning there is potential and purpose of every living and non living creature.

I hope you’ve grasped a little about me; God fearing, interested in nature and people and a talented little girl who is sparkling the flowers with water.


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