Ever thought that hunters are always on the watch, they always know what is around them and which is the best way to escape from danger. It’s funny it happens to be him; cool, calm, collected, and right. I mean he knows just the right foot to put first, and onto which grounds. 

Chest out, He will always thrust it. I mean, unless he forgets it, which is a rare case ‘haha’. In a case of a champion, after his hard-work practised for weeks, months or years, he would always pound himself for having taken that decision and becoming a winner. Now in his case he has done this practice ever since his consanguineos. 

One of the things they would describe as part of break to adulthood, was the break of voice that turned out to be deep; call it bass. Obviously, for him the golden standard moment is when he rolls out the voice. Which he does at specific stounds, and once you hear it you are convinced it’s time for certain occassion.

The same way they would describe men as handsome, for him he has beauty in him as well. He shines out well and stands out pretty good compared to the rest. What he always puts on does not change, it only becomes more clear to the World. The colour matching that he does, makes him a special species on the planet and everyone wants to associate himself with him. Great thing about him is when the years go by, his wattle becomes more bulky, making him being distinguished from her, being bold and conspicuous. 

One main thing that he is good at, is marking his territory, and it doesn’t matter if the other one is King from an over powering kingdom, he fights for his territory always. He is Pushy, bossy, important, preening, puffed up, strutting, and herding, you name it all, that’s him and is proud of himself.

Normally He would be still, but when he finds pleasure to walk he would do with the right foot forward but hesitant. His chest is always out as he walks, at times he would plump up his neck feathers as he twitches his head front and back always as he walks. Keenly, he never runs, unless he is after her (Men like to hunt, they always don’t like it easy) and the good part is that he never gives up easily so he would run after her untill he catches he. And if she seem to win, he would settle first and think of some wit to win her over.

I would call him a Rooster.

Rooster as he plump up his neck feathers pulling his strut gait

Rooster whose wattles is bulk as per his age.