Nature Rocks

​Interesting how nature hides itself until you unlock that inner eye of beauty in yourself. Photographers look beyond the normal eye sees, that is what we unlock if there is beauty in nature.  Its in a place known us Marafa. Scarsely populated (largely by the Giriama,  the rest of Miikenda clans) but has interesting features. One thing I love about this place, it shines out well when the full Moon is up, and a bliss when the sun rises as early as 1700hrs or when it set. 

 ‘THE HELL’S KITCHEN’ if you read your Geography quite well, you will understand all about these depressions. However, you should listen to the interesting stories of the Marafa Community and what they believe. Actually there is also a treasury place where they give tithes to their God (not sure which God, millions of people come here to offer these sacrifices), take it and you will be cursed (am marking it since its their beliefs).

The stories are very catchy; how the Supreme being of the community used to offer Milk and somehow the community dissapointed him and decided to sleep and drought occured; or how the main couple of the Community accepted the prayers and rain fell which it sunk under water but they rose again while kissing (there is a stucture like that  called Mr. Marafa and his wife Kissing) and to this date when rain rains it only flows in between them. The stories are very interesting, a month and you would have been told about all kinds of stories from this community.

Very welcoming, ofcourse they are. I mean is it not what you would expect from a community you are new. Am lucky to be in this family  that embraces change. We laugh together, eat as a family, pray together, am even learning their language, wow! The union in this community is so great that once a visitor around would be introduced to everyone. 

The place is very economical, and very fertile, the tech used here you will LOVE IT. Come see for yourself and experience the best in your nature travelling. 



Called Mr & Mrs Marafa

The Bladed Rock


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