Rushed Off Your Feet?

So I asked myself if there is a point in life where people get so busy to the point they don’t have time for their friends, their family, their spouse and kids or maybe they don’t have time for themselves. Being busy is fine, it’s really okay, in fact there comes a time in life where you busy that you don’t really get why. But the Big Q is, what are you busy doing? What are you busy with?

Ever met a family that has everyone doing something important FOR THE FAMILY? Most of us are busy doing things for ourselves, that benefit us NOW and maybe not in the future. Like boy! What exactly are you doing? One thing we should all learn is that it “isn’t enough to be just Busy, But Busy WITH WHAT?”

There is this large family (call it the Antison Family) everyone in it has a role to play, and it is what they focus on for the rest of their lives. We are like that, right? Humans I mean. Take for instance an African Lady who is raised acknowledging the fact that she is the one who is always supposed to be in the kitchen. I know 🙄  (rolling my eyes) modern world isn’t like that,(someone would say) we both have to share the chores, blah blah blah. In real sense, who is really always in the Kitchen at least 3/4 the time?

Anyway, this family is focused and has carried this ritual always to the next generations in their lineage. Their Motto is: “It’s Either Success OR Success”. No other option, whatever it takes they have to succeed. Picture an empire that is trying to secure its territory and its name, wouldn’t it do anything to retain all that. Even if it means that half of its soldiers get hurt or killed, main focus to them is to succeed, retaining their image.

The Antisons rely mostly on its members’ strength. In a set up family a man is the provider of basically everything, he is the bread winner. However, the rest of the family members take part in their responsibility, only that this time it varies from sharing almost everything to boost the family. I would say the same for them, but like I said, focused on their main agenda.Governance always strikes in any kind of a family, which determines the survival of the family all through. For the Antisons’ we’ll call theirs as Monarchy governance, which has been accepted for centuries.

Her majesty has the key to the future, that means she needs to be always on her right mind, am talking about; stress free, on a balanced diet, protected, entertained, name it. Her circle, has Troopers, it has Parlors, and ‘Chaperones’, all that are obliged to do what they are called for(which is establishing the next generations).  Interestingly, the parlors are the male ones who have a robust muscular body-build character, they work as thrice as much as their body weights. For them, they not only work for everyone in the family but for Her majesty, they would also divide themselves according to whom would forage for food, while others who would be architects and constructors of beautiful homes, others would keep watch of the broods.

The troopers are the females who are sterile, and have more built bodies than the parlors; they give back to the family by ensuring that it is protected. Now, ever seen a family where it is intertwined by troopers chipping in what the parlors do, take an instance of the old days where by in a farm, they would be provided with machines to do hard work while the workers would do the slightly hard ones. Same in this family, The Troopers, would crack open the hard seeds for the parlors to have an easy time carrying them back home and storing them. They also clear the bushes for the parlors to pass through easily.

The Princess acts as the unfertilized queen, waiting to take in place when the right time comes. The interesting part is that they always take care of themselves, no parlors, or troopers taking care of her. Being responsible she has to start with herself before being enthrone into the kingdom. The ‘Chaperons’ have only one purpose, fertilizing the queen, once the mission is accomplished they rest in peace. In the Antison family you would find the ‘Chaperons’ to be recruited more often compared to the parlors and troopers.

Their Mansions are the ones found anywhere in the world, they don’t get to be completed at times since they are destroyed before the unique hand is completed. Their ideas seem unique and I tend to believe that they are all wired into where to have an opening, not all are leveled but just in the right way. When they travel to get the materials they all travel together in same sequence with a mission to accomplish. For them they understand nature and what it’s like to have union and work hard as a team.

I like comparing them to an animal that we all know is the strongest and feared by the King of the jungle as well. The Ant compared to an elephant is a no match. Ants are hardworking have a responsibilities to their government and homes as well, they are dedicated to be part of a life that makes a success worthwhile not only to their generation but also to their futures.

This is a story of the Ant having the strength to keep on. Being Busy for the purpose of Success.

Success or Success

The Elephant and the Ant have no Match


The Mansion of the Ants

The Mansion of the Ants is beauty made by their own creativity and strength

The Unison of Ants

The teamwork of the Ants is amazing since it makes all of them strong.


The Strut Gait

Ever thought that hunters are always on the watch, they always know what is around them and which is the best way to escape from danger. It’s funny it happens to be him; cool, calm, collected, and right. I mean he knows just the right foot to put first, and onto which grounds. 

Chest out, He will always thrust it. I mean, unless he forgets it, which is a rare case ‘haha’. In a case of a champion, after his hard-work practised for weeks, months or years, he would always pound himself for having taken that decision and becoming a winner. Now in his case he has done this practice ever since his consanguineos. 

One of the things they would describe as part of break to adulthood, was the break of voice that turned out to be deep; call it bass. Obviously, for him the golden standard moment is when he rolls out the voice. Which he does at specific stounds, and once you hear it you are convinced it’s time for certain occassion.

The same way they would describe men as handsome, for him he has beauty in him as well. He shines out well and stands out pretty good compared to the rest. What he always puts on does not change, it only becomes more clear to the World. The colour matching that he does, makes him a special species on the planet and everyone wants to associate himself with him. Great thing about him is when the years go by, his wattle becomes more bulky, making him being distinguished from her, being bold and conspicuous. 

One main thing that he is good at, is marking his territory, and it doesn’t matter if the other one is King from an over powering kingdom, he fights for his territory always. He is Pushy, bossy, important, preening, puffed up, strutting, and herding, you name it all, that’s him and is proud of himself.

Normally He would be still, but when he finds pleasure to walk he would do with the right foot forward but hesitant. His chest is always out as he walks, at times he would plump up his neck feathers as he twitches his head front and back always as he walks. Keenly, he never runs, unless he is after her (Men like to hunt, they always don’t like it easy) and the good part is that he never gives up easily so he would run after her untill he catches he. And if she seem to win, he would settle first and think of some wit to win her over.

I would call him a Rooster.

Rooster as he plump up his neck feathers pulling his strut gait

Rooster whose wattles is bulk as per his age.

Nature Rocks

​Interesting how nature hides itself until you unlock that inner eye of beauty in yourself. Photographers look beyond the normal eye sees, that is what we unlock if there is beauty in nature.  Its in a place known us Marafa. Scarsely populated (largely by the Giriama,  the rest of Miikenda clans) but has interesting features. One thing I love about this place, it shines out well when the full Moon is up, and a bliss when the sun rises as early as 1700hrs or when it set. 

 ‘THE HELL’S KITCHEN’ if you read your Geography quite well, you will understand all about these depressions. However, you should listen to the interesting stories of the Marafa Community and what they believe. Actually there is also a treasury place where they give tithes to their God (not sure which God, millions of people come here to offer these sacrifices), take it and you will be cursed (am marking it since its their beliefs).

The stories are very catchy; how the Supreme being of the community used to offer Milk and somehow the community dissapointed him and decided to sleep and drought occured; or how the main couple of the Community accepted the prayers and rain fell which it sunk under water but they rose again while kissing (there is a stucture like that  called Mr. Marafa and his wife Kissing) and to this date when rain rains it only flows in between them. The stories are very interesting, a month and you would have been told about all kinds of stories from this community.

Very welcoming, ofcourse they are. I mean is it not what you would expect from a community you are new. Am lucky to be in this family  that embraces change. We laugh together, eat as a family, pray together, am even learning their language, wow! The union in this community is so great that once a visitor around would be introduced to everyone. 

The place is very economical, and very fertile, the tech used here you will LOVE IT. Come see for yourself and experience the best in your nature travelling. 



Called Mr & Mrs Marafa

The Bladed Rock